About Sports Lottery


In short, the sports lottery is one of the lottery games which mainly predict the progress and results of all kinds of sports games as the betting targets.


The sports lottery first issued in May 2008 here in Taiwan, it has thus provided the legal betting channel for the general public ever since.


The mission of legal sports lottery is taking the responsibility to knock down the illegal gaming initially while could uncover, cultivate and care the sports talents all over to the end. As a matter of fact, the specific percentage of the revenues generated from sports lottery will fuel the sports development fund which is to serve the purpose to uncover, cultivate and care the sports talents.


TSLC will make any effort to make the sports betting easier and bring more fun to the public through offering the comprehensive games information and betting services on the favorite sports such as baseball, basketball, football, tennis, golf, Formula 1, snookers so on and so forth. TSLC will aim to facilitate the betting experiences in the more simple, rich and secure way to share games information and enjoy the sheer betting excitement.


TSLC will like to inspire the general public to bet on sports lottery while watching the games, and enjoy the games, and in such a enthusiastic way to support your favorite sport games, teams and players.  In addition to supporting the development of domestic sport-related industries and cultivating for the sports talents by fueling in the sports development fund, it eventually will assist the government to promote the ultimate goal: Healthy people, Great competitiveness and Vigorous Taiwan.


Indeed, as you know, the development of sport-related industries as well as the sports fund could not be achieved without your continuing supports.