About Tslc
Taiwan Sports Lottery Co., TSLC, is a team which is built on the professionalism, passion and aggressiveness. Our corporate identification is made of inner white wording, red background and outer full-circle which three elements symbolize our overall spirits. Indeed, TSLC do wish to inspire the general public to care about the sport games, enjoy sports betting and grow up with us while enjoying the pleasures of sport activities.
The implications of TSLC logo are exhibited as following:
Inner wording in white represents the pure inside and true integrity of the TSLC.
Background in red represents the full passion and caring of the TSLC, we put our most efforts on the sports lottery industry and give our passion to every customer, retailer and employee.
Outer full-circle further represents the TSLC's continuous efforts to keep up with great services to reach the harmony in a very professional manner.
Being holding on integrity, we therefore persist in providing the transparent, comprehensive and real time services and information of sport games.
Being caring, we enthusiastically dedicate ourselves to this dynamic sports lottery industry.
Being professional, we therefore devote ourselves to bring help into developing the overall sports industry by fueling the fund via generating revenues out of sports lottery.
For the team bearing with integrity, care and professionalism in mind on the sports lottery for the next 10 years and on, TSLC surely will provide the best services to the general public to participate in the sports lottery in a much easier atmosphere, to support the development of domestic sport-related industries and to cultivate the sports talents as a whole.
Betting on sports lottery while watching the games, and enjoy it. Together, let's show the passion to the sports and put it into action.